Students'school equipment donation in Dalavé, Togo

On Saturday, 24th September 2022, one week before the first day back to school in togo, we have once again put a big smile on the face of students in Dalave, a very small and deprived area in Togo, which is situated at 28 kilometres from the north of Lomé, the capital of Togo Republic.

Early in the morning on that Saturday, Willdem Smile Foundation delegates set off from Lomé with students’ equipment to be distributed to the less privileged, whose parents haven’t got the means to buy them the essential equipment for their children in the village to start their new academic year.

A local pastor named Philippe and his team from the Abundant Life Church have facilitated the distribution of the items. They managed to gather all the students from poor background in the village at the premisses of the church to receive our donations.

It was a wonderful day for the children and their families to receive their equipment ready for school the following day. It was a great day for us as well for touching the lives of people in such a special manner because without our help they wouldn’t be able to afford the essential equipment this year. One can imagine the level of depravation and needs coupled with the cost of living in this area.
Please donate to help us touch more lives like the people in Dalavé.

  • Category : : Education and Health
  • Location : Dalavé, Togo
  • Date : 24/09/2022
  • Duration : Dalavé, Togo
  • Time : 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Type : closed