Willdem Smile Foundation Sponsorship Scheme

Ghana – The beneficiary of Willdem Smile Foundation 2016 maintenance grant awards

On the left above, is Miss Mary Bayi, the beneficiary of Willdem Smile Foundation 2016 maintenance grant and on the right is Ms Emelia Larbie, the Headmistress of her former school, Richard Akwei Memorial. Mary is a very high achiever with an excellent academic performance record from a very disadvantaged family. Ms Larbie kindly agreed to represent the Directors of Willdem Smile Foundation to present the award to Ms Bayi.


Mary Bayi is one of the top ten students who achieved the highest grade at their Basic Education Certificate Examination in Greater Accra Region this year. She lives in Agbogboshie, a small town in the suburbs of Accra, a town where most low paid workers live. Many thanks to all our supporters and donors who have made it possible for us to put a big smile on the face of another gifted and talented student. 

Republic of Benin – Willdem Smile Foundation Sponsorship Scheme 2014

 The candidate Apolinaire is the beneficiary of Willdem Smile Foundation 2014 financial sponsorship scheme as he met all the criteria of the scheme.


Fabien Appolinaire Kogbedji, Orphan of father, lives with his mother who is a farmer, in a village called Djakokope in the Republic of Benin. Despite his disadvantaged background, he came first in the national examination BEPC (GCSE) 2014 in Mono district with ”mention très bien” (outstanding).   His final result was 17.61 out of 20, the average score of the 9 subjects he took.This is to say that he achieved A* in all the 9 subjects.
Wiildem Smile Foundation will be giving him financial support and advice for the next three years to encourage him to achieve his full potentials.


Togo – Willdem Smile Foundation Sponsorship Scheme 2013

Willdem Smile Foundation has set up Students Financial Sponsorship scheme to support the brightest, gifted and talented students with poor family background so as to improve their potential in life. More often, we see such students abandoning school prematurely because of the financial situations of their parents. This is a shame because we lose without meaning to, the greatest gifts that nature has given us.
Our belief at WSF is that sponsoring one student is sponsoring a whole community, and sponsoring a whole community is sponsoring a whole nation, and sponsoring a whole nation is sponsoring the whole world.

On 13th August 2013, the ambassadors of Willdem Smile foundation met the very first beneficiary of our financial sponsorship scheme, a girl called Manuella Justine Gbone, in Aneho, a small old town situated in the south end of Togo.
Manuella who comes from a poor family background, attended the CEG Zebevi (secondary school) and in June passed, at the age of 14, her BEPC exam (GCSE) with flying colours.  She succeeded with “mention très bien”. Her outstanding score was 17,70/20, as an average of all the subjects she took: 9 in total (French, English, Maths, History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and PE).  In the English system this is an equivalent of A* in all the subjects she took. How outstanding!
Manuella is undoubtedly a genius who will benefit a great deal from this sponsorship scheme. We will monitor her progress and set up interventions when needed throughout the three years of the sponsorship.
During the visit of the WSF ambassadors, Manuella took a test in which she had to write two essays, one in French and the other in English.  She achieved an outstanding result, which once again confirmed her ability to excel in her studies with the support of the sponsorship.
The sponsorship credentials were presented to Manuella by the Chair of WSF, Ms Attipoe, in the presence of Manuella’s mother, Mrs Virginie Gbonin and the Chief inspector, Mr Tomonou Molley.  The chair congratulated Manuella for her dedication and hard work and encouraged her to do even better in the years to come.  The atmosphere was so emotional that Manuella’s mother could not refrain from crying.  It was of course a cry of joy.  She commented: “This help was unexpected and came at the right time” she thanked the chair and extended her gratitude to all those who had contributed the money that is now being invested in the life of her daughter.  She praised God in front of the ambassadors of WSF.