Teshie Orphanage in Accra Ghana

The founder of Wllldem Smile Foundation, Mr Kpoti Agbodjan visited Teshie orphanage in Accra Ghana on 17th July 2015. On his arrival, he met with the owner of the orphanage, Mrs Janet Parker, the carers and some of the orphans. After a brief introduction he was asked to sign the donors book, then after, a carer was assigned to give him a tour of the premises.

The orphanage is a big, clean and cosy house with big rooms, where children sleep, one kitchen, toilets, one dining hall and two offices. The building has the capacity to house approximately twenty-five children.

The atmosphere at the orphanage is friendly as the children and carers demonstrated that they are happy living there. The children are lovely, well behaved and very excited to meet him.

On his visit, Mr Agbodjan donated some food stuff, plates and cutleries to the orphans on behalf of the Foundation. They were received with accolade and Mrs Parker designated one of the children to extend their heartfelt gratitude to the Directors of the Foundation.

Exodus House in Benin Republic

On 24th December, the representatives of Willdem Smile Foundation signed a partnership with the orphanage called Exodus House in Tori in Benin Republic, our second beneficiary country.
The aim of the partnership is to promote the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential, as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.
The terms of the partnership consist of providing educational and health advice and equipments, including medicines, living stocks such as food, drinks, soaps, nappies, items of clothing and toys. In return, the Exodus House orphanage should use the donation conscientiously and efficiently.
On their visit, they presented to the Founder of the orphanage Mrs Afiavi Pulcherie Boko and her team, boxes of biscuits and tomatoes, bags of rice, crates of can drinks, boxes of milk and ovaltine, gallons of cooking oil, soaps and nappies to celebrate Christmas.
It was with great joy that they received our donation. They extended their gratitude to the founder and directors of Willdem Smile Foundation.

Orphanage Maison De La Providence, Lomé Togo

Every year during the festive period, Willdem Smile Foundation endeavour to consistently make a donation of foods, drinks, clothes, toiletries, towels bed sheets, table cloths, and napkins to the orphanage La Providence in Togo.

Donate today to help get life-saving food, clothes, school equipment and medicines to orphans and families who need it the most. Our work is 100% voluntary funded and every donation makes a difference. It only takes a minute to donate but the impact can last forever.

Willdem Smile Foundation Fund Raiser 2013

Willdem Smile Foundation Fund Raiser 2013 from Willdem Smile Foundation on Vimeo.